Do you have a small garden? Do you wish you did? Do you buy whole foods, organic, go to a farmer's market? Do you have remedies for common aches and illnesses? Do you have simple recipes - using fresh ingredients? This is a place to share. We are losing so much of the wise eating way of life. Ask questions and share information you have about staying healthy and getting healthy from what you eat!

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    Going to a Permakulture demonstration this weekend. Not sure if that is how to spell it, but we are looking forward to learning.

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    Way off topic here but my son is working on a college project and needs your help. Can you fill out his survey before Thursday night? Link below.

    Technology Survey

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    It's apple harvest time where I live! Wahoo! Went to the National Apple Harvest Festival and ate too much food. Most not so good for me. But on the way home we stopped by our new favorite farm market. All organic!!!!!! Bought a large box of Ida Reds to make apple butter and picked up some fresh pressed apple cider. Can't wait to start buying their pastured meats.

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    We had quite a bumper crop of squash and zucchini this year. I've frozen more dukes than I will probably use all year long. I tried lacto-fermenting the squash but we don't like it, so we eat and eat and hand it out. Our learned lesson...plant only one of each next year!

  • To freeze tomatoes you will just need to dip them in boiling water for about a minute in order to easily loosen and remove the skins. Then either freeze whole or chop or blend into sauce and freeze.  Canning is also very easy since you don't have to use a pressure canner.  

  • Interesting. So you both realize the difference in grass fed beef as opposed to grain fed? As well commercial beef producers feed cattle ground up cattle remains. Makes for bad meat.
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    We found that when we switched to venison we lost our tolerance for beef. It even makes us nauseous when we eat beef now. If you want red meat I'd try venison.

  • The fact that most of us were raised for years on gmo foods, McDonald's and sugar, I've found that by the time we get to "our age" that our digestive trac is in need of a lot of healing. You may want to consider a diet or supplements that heal your gut then you will likely be able to digest a good healthy clean meat. We use Genesis Pure products for that but others do a paleo diet etc-
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    Has anyone had problems digesting Beef? I have suddenly had this happen. Even grass fed, organic. Never had the problem before.

  • Right up my alley! Yes we garden and we do organic, and specific farmers markets, use many home remedies for health and healing, use Genesis Pure Supplements as they are beyond organic....and the list goes on! Organic, healthy eating and natural medicine is one of our families passions!!! Nice to meet you:)

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