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    For the booth table: this is my flyer:) Evonne

  • Admin

    Thanks Susan! I went with vistaprint and used one of their templates. It is the only booth design I plan to have so I had get this done, lol, like yesterday:)

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    Cool banner!

  • Admin

    Hi everyone! I just made my first banner for my booth at the VA convention coming up. It is hard to decide what to write!:) But, it is on the way in the mail, so I am excited to see it and have it. Are you all having fun this season too?

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    Hi all! Here is a fun speaker share if you offer ebooks or digital products.

    I just ordered my dropcards from

    It is a artistic plastic card the shape and size of a gift card or itunes card.

    You sell the card at booths. Folks go online and download your product from a special site offerred on the card with password.

    This allows you to sell a physical product for your digital masterpieces!

    Yes, you can make cd-roms, or dvds, but that would have stretched my time and budget. These cards are 50 cents a piece, or much less work on my part!

    Entering the digital age one step at a time, lol!

    Share this with someone who you think could use a system to sell a digital product at a physical location on a dime!

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    Welcome Pat!

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    Hi all. In preparations for the HEAV convention in Virginia, I have posted a blog entry on their blog!

    Your family will learn how to make an awesome journal page step-by-step in this blog screencast.

    I welcome you to come and comment on the post if you feel led!

    Thank you and enjoy!

  • Admin

    Hello LindaAnn! Your enthusiasm from homeschooling jumps off the page!

    Great topics- and great to hear about!

  • Hello All!  Evonne, that is so exciting to be going to HEAV!  We know the leaders in VA and everything they put on is top-notch!  What an honor to be invited!

    Speaking has been my passion for years, mostly to women's groups, but has branched into the homeschool realm in the last several years.  My purpose is to encourage and equip homeschool moms (and dads....) to love their kids and make learning fun!  My hubby and I serve on the Arizona homeschool board, so we have lots of opportunity throughout our state to reach out to other families. 

    My topics range from history, hands-on learning, getting started, and lapbooking, to our homeschool testimony "God Fills in the Gaps".  :o)

    It is always encouraging to see up-and-coming enthusiastic speakers who can empower homeschoolers to keep fighting the good fight.

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    Thank you Bonnie!

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