Families who are providing education to one or more children while traveling on the road full-time, part-time, and/or extended road trips

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    Haha! The cat being on fire would definitely count as an emergency! Great show! :)

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    New episode of Homeschool Highways http://youtu.be/Mt-fqyqgPrw?list=PLQovn0Y3BcSEOn8xJRjzGUCLxurmRYHuv

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    Great, thanks Wendy.

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  • Hi Paul! Glad you like the group. When is your TV series "Homeschool Highways" planning to air? You should also check out our Roadschooling FB page, whenever you have time. If you have a Blog, that you would like to share, our FB page also has a Roadschooling Blogroll. I would be happy to add yours to it.

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    Did you know that our family just started production on a TV series called Homeschool Highways. Sounds like this group is a nice fit. Thanks for starting it.

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