• The Schoolhouse Expo is very similar to an exciting and fun homeschool convention, only it’s totally online! No need to drive, get a motel room, or find a sitter for the kids—we bring the conference speakers right to you. You’ll hear about ways to improve your homeschool, plan for the upcoming year, organize your school and life, and much more—all while saving some gas money!
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    Looking forward to speaking at the Schoolhouse Expo!

    I am going to be speaking about what I often chat about here- fun and easy tech for families.

    I call it organic multimedia!

    Non-tech lovers will fall in love to what they can do!

    Learn simple graphic design using free online programs!

    Your kids watch as you explore my favorite user friendly programs . . .

    your kids watch and then do!

    My 7 year old just added glittering stars to her favorite picture online.

    She might not realize it but she has just learned step one of a valuable and marketable skill- graphic design!

    It is fun- and it is organic- it comes naturally!

    Come and hear all about it at the Schoolhouse Expo! 

    Thanks, Evonne

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    Welcome Bob!
    The Expo is going to be so amazing!

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    Checkout the latest in our Schoolhouse Expo video!

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    Here is scoop number 1:

    Here is one of our exciting speakers! Tell a friend!

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    • You’ll hear live presentations from some of the biggest names in homeschooling and attend inviting vendor workshops too.
    • If you are an international homeschooler or anyone who simply can’t make it to a physical convention, this is a perfect fit for you! And really, homeschoolers everywhere will benefit from the wealth of information and inspiration to be found. Along with suggestions, encouragement, and realistic how-to information, you’ll enjoy the fresh ideas, friendly camaraderie, fun atmosphere, and special affirmation that homeschooling really works—all from a solid Christian perspective.
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