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  • Evonne, that's awesome! I'll pray for clear direction and blessings.
  • Admin
    e are starting a Messianic Home school group locally! We are going to meet for free in our library communities room that seats 100!
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    Sounds like fun! Wish I lived closer...

  • Admin

    10 AM, Saturday/Shabbat: Grafted In Fellowship

    Meets at Pilgrims Rest Baptist Fellowship Center

    3176 Cumbie Rd.

    Newton, Alabama


    It was last minute! And we almost had him come to our little cafeteria, but then this opened for him as a location and the congregations in town are coming.

    It is free and a love offering will be taken:)

    Think you can come?

  • Admin

    When? Where? Ted Pearce is our favorite.

  • Admin

    Hi! I have some cool stuff going on in our Alabama town! Ted Pearce is coming to town this week!

    We are having a Love Israel Conference, which seems to be bringing out a great variety of people. I like that we are focused on LOVE, because love brings out the best in people.

    We are having Torah Puppets comes to perform and the leader with preach...well not the actual puppet, but the man, lol!

    We are going to all camp out for Sukkot in October it seems!

    And build a communal Sukkah.

    I know there are some Sukkah building pros in this group!

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    Wow, thank you, Evonne! I'm blushing...

  • Admin

    Well, I did get a zit, lol.

    Susan, here is the article I wrote about your work and the Homeschooling Network! It posted today:)


  • Blogger

    Who knew milk and honey would give you a better complexion? :)

  • Admin

    Shalom guys!

    Here is a fun and sticky craft I think I am going to do tonight for the Torah Portion, think land of milk and honey!


    Pray for me: I am going to test this scrub on myself now:)!

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