Do you write: blog, articles, anthologies, poems, or manuscripts? I would love this to be a group that writers could share, ask for help even grow together in our skills. If you want someone to look over a few lines or paragraphs feel free to post them here. If you are going to a writer's conference or learned something about the business of writing share.  This is a place for anything interesting to writers!

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    First off, thank you for commenting on the journal blog a few weeks ago!

    I just saw it and appreciate it!

    It was requested that I change the focus of my public domain course to  teens.

    Teen Business Life Skills: Simply Recreate Public Domain eBooks To Use And Sell!

    I did that, and it is still selling.

    It is the number 1 teen book on currclick right now, and is #5 over all.

    I have never had a product hit number one over all on currclick so I am dreaming about that. It is hovering between 8 and 5.

    It would just be a cool thing!

    Bonnie, you inspired this in a way!

    We talked about Amazon.

    I researched ways to get ebooks on Kindle without an isbn.

    I researched details about public domain books, rules, etc.

    And, I show step by step how folks can get the ball rolling!

    Thank you for letting me share the fun stuff going on!

  • Congratulations, Evonne!

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    Yay! I just put this up and I received my first review!

    Public Domain Treasures! Simply Recreate eBooks To Use And Sell!
    Publisher: Wholesome Learning
    by Molaye A. [Verified Purchaser]
    Date Added: 02/02/2014 12:47:37

    This is one of the best products that I have purchased thus far. I truly did not expect to receive the wonderful information provided. The speaker gave easy-to-follow instructions and valuable tips. I cannot wait to apply the techniques discussed to sell my first e-book! A million thank yous to you for sharing your knowledge and helping me to discover a new way to support my family.

    From Evonne~ I also noticed a typo in my video~ but lets not talk about that now:)

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    Public Domain Treasures! How To Simply Recreate Public Domain Books And Sell THi all! This is my new product I am selling for a $1.

    If know anyone interested in home business ideas, who loves books, please feel free to share, thanks!

    Public Domain Treasures!

    How To Simply Recreate

    Public Domain Books And Sell Them Online!

  • I'm putting together a launch team for my brand new book, Asia: It's People and History. I am so excited, and would love for you to check it out, spread the word, and consider writing a review of the book. You can get all the details here: Above all, please pray that God would use this book for His glory and purposes. Thank you. 

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    My blog was published on the convention blog for HEAV in Virginia.

    It is here:

    If any of you would like to visit and feel led to make a quick comment I would appreciate it!


  • Excited to share that I have 2 articles in the newest TOS Magazine! Little House Legacy: The Grasshopper Plague-Faith to Endure  and Is Education a Door in the Wall? An Interview with Dr. Ben Carson I hope you  enjoy them!

  • Do you ever feel like, as a writer, that just "writing" isn't enough? There is marketing and pinnable images and networking and.... Stop by my blog today for a few tips on making simple, attractive graphics that won't require all your writing time.

  • Angry men bent on death. She broke the law, and she must die…Join me today on Write2Ignite to see how God can use the words you write to save a life.

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    Found a nice blog post about how to make professional looking eBooks.

    This is my experiment page.

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